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**Updated 4th May 2022**

The gunnercooke foundation has a number of charity members who are dealing directly or who have links with organisations assisting people on the ground in Ukraine as the atrocities of war continue to unfold. 

We are also in the unique position of being supported by law firm gunnercooke and 300+ law firm partners, many of who have offered pro bono legal advice on areas from immigration to setting up new charities dealing with the conflict, many have registered to open their homes in addition to donating money and items needed by those fleeing Ukraine.


By continuing our work as the foundation; to connect the charity world with the corporate, and continue supporting our charity members, we will make a tangible  difference to those organisations who we are in touch with. 

If you know someone or an organisation who we can assist at this time please contact Laura Jones or Sarah Lynch.


Donate Your Time

A number of partners from a range of fields have offered to work pro bono.

Immigration lawyers register here 

All lawyers - register with the Ukraine Justice Alliance


General volunteers register here

Donate Your Home

To register a room or second home for Ukrainians to lodge in on arrival in the UK please register here with Refugees In Action. 

Please note they are currently working through a vast amount of applications.

Donate Financially

We have a number of partners who are organising a convoy, taking aid to the Ukrainian border and bringing people back to safety.


We are currently fundraising to send as much aid as possible - help via justgiving.

Donate Your Skills

Whatever your skills may be from Fundraiser to Barber, Teacher to Social Media guru and beyond...


If you are able to help please get in touch and we will be able to put you in touch with an organisation who can best utilise your knowledge. 

Donate Essential Items

Our charity partners have told us to please only donate *requested* items.


There are collection points around the country by a range of organisations.


Please contact us if you need help locating your nearest one.

Over To You

Is there another way you think we can help?

The response from the UK and wider world is changing so rapidly we appreciate any feedback on how we can assist and support individuals, campaigns or organisations. Please just let us know.



Through the foundation and our long running programme inspire*, we will continue to find ways we can support and assist our members vital work. The foundation, currently solely funded by gunnercooke, firmly believes that by supporting charity leaders and their organisations to grow that we can have a greater impact. We work with our members to make their charities financially sustainable and to grow to a size where they can make the real impact they long to do. 

We work with a wide range of organisations, campaigns and causes and are always open to supporting more people and charities doing great work. 

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As you can appreciate the information we are given is changing all of the time, if you notice anything that needs updating please let us know.

We believe that to make the greatest impact, we join forces and do not operate in silos. Our charity partners are already doing amazing work and new organisations are being set up, as you can imagine the situation and what is needed and required is changing all of the time, by supporting these organisations we can have a greater impact.


Below is a list of ways you can help along with links to those who are co-ordinating or can put your offer to best use. We will continue to update this as we are given new information so please do check back.


You want to be the pebble in the pond that creates the ripple for change.

Tim Cook - Apple CEO

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