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Nip In The Bud

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Nip in the Bud® was set up to encourage awareness about mental health disorders in young children. These relatively common problems which begin in childhood and adolescence can have wide-ranging and long-lasting effects, affecting a child’s relationships, their educational attainment and job opportunities.

If left untreated, they could also develop into serious mental and physical health problems and have significant economic and social costs, not just to the individuals and their families, but later in life to the health and criminal justice system too.  With early intervention things can be very different.

The content for our Information Films has been provided by experts from South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Anna Freud, King’s College, Imperial College and others.  Our Real-Life Experience films show interviews with young people and parents who have been affected and who speak frankly and movingly about their experiences.

Our films are sensitively produced by top quality filmmakers. They illustrate the behaviours common in different conditions in children. They are accompanied by downloadable fact sheets explaining the symptoms to look out for, to spot early signs of distress which may require further monitoring, and information on how to follow up and get help through the Where to go for Help page.

This Mental Health Awareness Week we are focusing on loneliness and isolation in children, in a number of cases this can lead to self-harm and eating disorders as the child tries to regain some control in their lives. 


The two videos below are designed to explain to adults about the two conditions.


Susannah's Story

In their latest film, “Susannah’s Story” (below), Susannah speaks to the team about how, as a child, changing schools caused a serious dip in self confidence and low self esteem. At home, where diet and weight was in sharp focus, her measure for success became all about her weight and she struggled with self harm and then Bulimia.

Understanding Self Harm in Children

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Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn the light on.

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