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Calm Connections


Calm Connections,  based in Manchester provide support to families going through tough times. They work with the whole family to have calm, positive relationships, to maintain wellbeing and good mental health.

Chief Executive Emma Lenihan has been a member of our inspire programme for several years and says of Mental Health Awareness Week;

We know that loneliness comes when we feel disconnected from others or ourselves and this is why Calm Connections have such an emphasis on ways to build connections through compassionate self-care, mindfulness and interactions with others; family, friends and those we don’t know yet.

There is no shame in feeling lonely, most of us have experienced loneliness at some point. I believe the earlier we can recognise we feel alone, the easier it is to respond to it.

I also believe that not feeling accepted or that we belong is a cause of so many young peoples mental health challenges.

If you are concerned about your child, young person and you want someone to hear you, please call in to see us (Stretford Mall - next to Greggs, Stretford M32) or call on 07919 848558

We also have a late drop in at Stretford on Thursday evenings and are at The Hideaway, Partington on Tuesday mornings 9.30-11am

Emma is in the film below, explaining more about what Calm Connections does and why they do it.

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Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn the light on.

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