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Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

9th - 15th May marked Mental Health Awareness Week 2022. As an annual event, it aims to raise awareness of the importance of achieving good mental health and to reduce the stigma of talking about mental health challenges.

This year the focus is on "Loneliness" which is affecting more and more people in the UK than ever before, largely due to the long lasting impacts of the pandemic. Connections to community and other people is central to protecting our mental health and finding better ways to tackle the epidemic of loneliness is essential.

Later this year we will open House of Books & Friends CIC, a community bookshop which as well as being a beautiful and quirky place for all your literary desires, but also a warm and welcoming space. Working with partners across Greater Manchester the Bookshop will be home to a range of projects addressing loneliness and social isolation.

Another of our foundation projects, inspire* has a number of not for profit members who work daily, and tirelessly to raise mental health awareness and to support those facing mental health challenges.

This week we will feature a number of them and have a range of activities happening and you can help by sharing and liking what we, and they do. Open the conversation and check in with someone you think might be struggling.

During Mental Health Awareness Week we featured a number of our inspire members, working in the Mental Health space in amazing not for profits, really making a difference to people's lives.



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