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Love For The Streets

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Love For The Streets CIC is a non-profit media organisations on a mission to help young people create positive change in their community, by telling real stories to inspire our generation to action.

We empower our generation in two key ways:

- Firstly, we use social media to mobilise young people to volunteer with grass-root charities in local communities.

- Secondly, we partner with brands we believe in to run social media campaigns which create measurable social impact that young people can support.

Alongside our client work, we’ve recently seen a lot of progress in the development of our own original content series, which we will use to engage young people through social media.

These shows we’ve developed are called – ‘Doin Bits’ and ‘Talk Ain’t Cheap’.

‘Doin Bits’ provides an opportunity to shout about the great work being done by young people in their local communities to create a meaningful difference. And ‘Talk Ain’t Cheap’ brings together young people with different perspectives on controversial issues for a meaningful discussion on the topics and gives a platform for young people in Manchester to have their voice heard on these issues.

We also launched our volunteer programme in February and during our peak we had 46 students volunteering regularly at our partner charities – Barnabus and Coffee for Craig. Since then, we’ve reached out to more grass-root charities to partner with.

We have been a part of the Inspire Charity since 2017. Since joining we’ve benefited from a lot of guidance and support for everything from – our legal structure, grant opportunities, safeguarding advice and support when applying for funding.

Going into the future we hope to continue to our strong relationship with Inspire Charity and continue to develop all aspects of our organisations. With the aim that our shows will begin to get traction and lead to more volunteers joining our community.

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