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inspire news - March 2020

inspire is our fabulous charity which pairs business leaders with groups of third sector CEOs in to hubs. To offer mentoring, peer support and a range of expert workshops, resources and support.

At present our hubs operate across Greater Manchester and London and we're looking to grow outside of this. Below you'll find updates from some of our charity members.


Wellness Wednesdays with Invisible Cities

Invisible (Manchester) is part of Invisible Cities, a global social enterprise that trains people who have experienced homelessness to become walking tour guides of their own city. Our walking tours are fun, friendly and unique. The themes invite the audience to understand more about Manchester’s powerful past and present, but also reveal a personal side of the city affected by homelessness.

'Wellness Wednesdays' are an increasingly popular trend - an entire day dedicated to health and happiness (not to mention a great midweek pick-me-up). So why not come on a lunchtime tour as part of your Wellness Wednesday?

Please get in touch with for more information or to book a tour.


Introducing Hands On London

Founded in 2010, our mission is to Inspire and Empower people to Be The Change they want to see in their local communities. We offer projects for corporate teams or individuals, allowing people to volunteer together or flexibly in their own time.

During the summer, our Brighten Up London Campaign inspires over 2,600 people to enhance London’s Green Spaces, Community Gardens, Parks and Charity Farms. Our volunteers create new spaces, improve existing ones and make our city a better place for everyone.

On Thursday 20th February we ran our first HandsOn Families volunteering day, where 62 adults and children came together to pack 43 toiletry kit donations that were given to a local homeless charity in Croydon. These kits are so important as hygiene items are rarely donated but are highly valued. The children also wrote individual cards to those receiving the kit to make every donation unique and personal. The families then went on to create 30 bird boxes to encourage the nesting of more species of birds in the local area. The families therefore learnt about taking care and giving back to the people in their community, as well as looking after and maintaining the local environment and green spaces.

The project was a huge success and we want to continue to grow the campaign in order to offer more of these amazing days and opportunities in our local communities.

If you feel you could help or sponsor one of these projects, please get in touch with us at

Please check out our website for more information or follow us on LinkedIn:


Can you spare £5 for a tin of paint?

inspire charity TLC: Talk, Listen, Change are embarking on a refurbishment project for their 100-year-old building on Chester Road in Trafford to enable them to support more people!

After moving their office-based team to a new location, half the building requires some serious attention in order to get the rooms up to a safe, comfortable and welcoming standard to see clients.

Once completed, the rooms will be able to host sessions to support those affected by cancer, group work, domestic abuse prevention and much more… but they need your help!

You can play a role in TLC’s future, but helping bring their rooms to life…

· £5 = one tin of paint

· £30 = paint a room

· £500 = redecorate a room

If you’re interested in learning more, being a part of their building project or can help by sharing with your friends, family and colleagues, just click here -


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