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Freshrb Film Highlights Health Issues

Freshrb C.I.C. is a video production social enterprise based in Manchester that primarily offers creative video production solutions to raise health themes, whilst running video production workshops with young people and individuals with life limiting/long term conditions.

Our main project is called - "Silent Elephant Project" which is an accredited short film workshop for students/participants, that raises the awareness of marginalised health issues that affect our communities.

These are health issues that rarely get a platform or get discussed in public. By creating fictional story lines to raise awareness for factual subject health matters, we build engagement with the participants and the general public, creating an environment for further conversations/dialogue and research. We teach media skills whilst giving participants an insight into becoming a social entrepreneur and what it means to use video production for social good.

An example of our latest short film co-produced with students from the Co-op Academy North Manchester can be found at this link below

Since being part of Inspire for over 9 months, we have been excited to network with other social entrepreneurs and been able to learn from other experienced individuals in this field of social entrepreneurism. We have also been able to speak about what we do and gained vital feedback about our journey and vision for where our projects can grow into. We are humbled to be part of a network that builds confidence in social entrepreneurs, like ourselves and gives opportunities to network with like minds.

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