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Honours List for Christie

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Christie Spurling from inspire* member N-Gage said as a teenager ‘he never thought it would be possible that one day be would awarded an MBE for his work with young people in Manchester’ but a few weeks ago Christie received a phone call which set a whirlwind of events in motion, with press calls, photo opportunities and a great platform for promoting the work he and N-Gage have been doing since he set the charity up in 2004.

Given away by his birth mother and adopted by a white couple in the north of England, he struggled at school and was excluded at 14, moving shortly afterwards into a residential home where he lived with “some of the most broken and damaged people you could ever find”.

That experience ultimately drove him to work with others in a similar situation. He said he hoped to eventually take his medal to an assembly at a school where he has worked, “to tell young people that no matter how disengaged you are with education, you can still go on and achieve something. Look at me – I have no GCSE's and I’m a CEO of a charity.”

N-Gage works alongside young people in a variety of contexts across Manchester; including work in their youth centre and on one of their custom-designed mobile youth vehicles, mentoring in local schools, holiday provision, residentials, activity weeks, family intervention, one to one work and more!

To see Christie on Granada Reports receiving his MBE please click here and to find out more about N-Gage please click here.

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