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Arming Demilitarise Education with Leadership skills.

Demilitarise Education is a collective on a mission to use research, media and technology to support peace movements. Their focus is to help untangle, expose and end UK University ties to the Global Arms Trade which is why they are building a community research project called The People's Plan for Divestment.

Within this research they hope to address how divesting from the arms trade would affect universities and students. They hope to engage with a wide spread of students, alumni, staff and the wider Manchester community in the project.

Melina from dED_UCATION says of inspire* "We were introduced to the Inspire network last September and they have continued to offer us invaluable support and connections. We a very proud to be apart of this diverse network and look forward to learning more from the community. Thank you for your hard work (especially Phil!)"

For more information please visit or follow us @dED_UCATION and stay up to date with their research and content!

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