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Are you looking for a fresh, new challenge this year?

Join us on  a unique trip to volunteer at a refugee camp in Kavala, Northern Greece.

We are excited to announce a special opportunity to make a difference in the lives of refugees in Kavala, Northern Greece.

We are partnering with Northern Lights Aid to volunteer at their refugee camp and provide much-needed support to those in need.

This is a chance to not only give back to their community but also to build a long-lasting partnership with Northern Lights Aid which we hope to build on for the future.


Join us on this purposeful journey and let's make a positive impact together.

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Northern Lights Aid provides material support, informal education, and recreational activities to displaced people and others in need, and promotes social inclusion and solidarity within the community.

As volunteers you will have the opportunity to work across the following projects;

  • Clothing Store (providing free clothing in a 'clothes shop')

  • Mother & Baby (a support programme for new and expectant mums including hygiene products)

  • Community Centre (practical and social activities from computer use, a library through to a workshop)

  • Community Garden (where they host community events)

  • We are working with NLA to create a number of special one off activities for the week centred around sport. 

We will also be building a relationship with NLA before the trip so that we are able to take and send much needed supplies and funds.

If you would like to join the volunteering party please email

The Important Information


We need to register the levels of interest in the trip to Northern Greece. The charity is small (although they do a lot!) and can only accommodate a certain number of people.

They most need help out of the summer season, when tourist volunteers are high so with making the most impact in mind, we will be planning the trip in two parts which will also allow flexibility for you in travel dates.

Provisional Dates:

- 1st - 8th October   


-8th - 15th October

Destination Airport :


Flights available from:


Edinburgh (limited dates)

Leeds (1st week only)

London Gatwick

Provisional Cost:

£1200 to include accommodation, flights and food (not alcohol). 

We are currently looking in to hotel options.


You will be required to have a DBS check prior to travel.

Please contact with any questions or suggestions, or to register your interest.

How To Find Out More.....

If you’d like to find out more about Northern Lights Aid please visit their website or click on their social links below. There are videos and lots of information about the services they offer and where volunteers fit in to provide such a vital role in their organisation and the people they help.

For more information about the volunteering trip please do not contact NLA, but please contact

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