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The best thing about inspire is our hub leader's support, depth of knowledge and meeting likeminded charity leaders.

- Christie Spurling MBE - CEO N-Gage

What we look for
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What we look for...

inspire members come from a range of backgrounds, sectors and join at different points in the development of their organisation. Some are new start ups, some are more developed with different challenges. 

We have very open criteria with just a few simple stipulations;

  • inspire members have to be ambitious, you have to want to grow and do more good, faster

  • Your organisation needs to be a charity, not for profit or social enterprise

  • Commitment - we understand as leaders of your respective organisations you're busy, but we expect inspire members to attend meetings and work towards actions and goals. 

  • Communicate - we need you to communicate with your hub, other hubs, your hub leaders and with us at inspire - tell us what you need to help you. 


Next Steps


If you've decided you'd like to go ahead please just get in touch if you have any questions please email us.


We'll review your application and look at which of our hubs and mentors you would be suited to. We may give you a call for a chat.


You become an inspire member, receiving event invites, resources, toolkits and the support of your Hub leader and Hub members.


Please download and complete the application form below and return to us.


You will then meet your hub and leader, and be given some planning paperwork to complete before your first meeting.

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