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Research has shown that people who volunteer often live longer.

- Allen Klein  (Businessman and Music Publisher)

What we look for
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What we look for...

We look for various qualities in a Hub Leader. You'll be inspiring, motivating and problem solving with a range of organisations. So we look for our Hub Leaders to be;

  • Genuinely interested - in your Hub members and their organisations

  • Problem solvers - your Hub members will often a common set of challenges you'll help steer them through

  • Creative thinkers - our members are often working on tight budgets with little or no resources 

  • Good communicators - you'll facilitate meetings and talk on a 1-2-1 basis

  • Well connected - you should be able to point members in the right direction of helpful people or organisations

  • Committed - we look for our Hub leaders to commit to a 12 month programme as a minimum for roughly 2-3 hours per month. (If you can't manage that maybe you'd like to join our Time Bank?)

Next Steps


If you've decided you'd like to go ahead please just get in touch here if you have any questions 


We'll review your application and look at which of our charities you would be suited to. We may give you a call for more info.


You will be matched with a Hub of member organisations and start to inspire them! 


Please download and complete the application form below and return to us here.


You will then be invited in for Hub Leader induction where you'll learn more about how to structure meetings, content and impact measurement.

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Next Steps
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