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Dialing a Number



Hullo are a national, non profit organisation. Conversation is at the heart of everything they do and they have volunteers waiting from 9am - 9pm to chat to those who may be feeling isolated or lonely. 

Hullo is all about a safe, relaxed environment for informal, everyday conversation. They are not a medical or mental health organisation, counselling service or helpline but work in partnership with charities who do offer these services if a caller is in need of specialist help or advice. 

Headed by Lewis Baxter, a member of our inspire programme, Hullo was set up during the pandemic when Lewis recognised a huge need for people just to talk to someone. Sometimes talking to someone who you don't know, who has different interests, views on the world and outlooks can be the best tonic if someone is feeling isolated or experiencing loneliness. 

Hullo are currently recruiting for volunteers to be at the end of a phone line, so if you like talking and can give 2-3 hours a week then pleas visit their website here to find out more. 

“A conversation is always meaningful, whether you’re talking about anything and everything, or nothing at all.” - A member of Hullo's Youth Advisory Board. 

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Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn the light on.

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