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You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.

John Bunyan

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Businesses and charities have more in common than you may think. If you’ve actively grown, led or sold a business, then many of the challenges you faced along the way; people, processes, strategy, finance, will be identical to those faced by small charities.


We want to inspire business people to use their skills for a different purpose and we believe that creating huge change in our communities starts with you.


Why not share some of the experience, wisdom and solutions you’ve acquired during the course of your business career. You could be exactly the right person to help an inspire charity to grow. And in the process – you might find new growth in yourself.


Hub Leaders work with a group of around 8 not for profits from non-competing social causes, to facilitate peer to peer mentoring sessions. In addition, they provide confidential, one to one support to the CEOs of the charities on their business plan and strategy.

How you can help
Our Hub Leaders

Hubs are led by entrepeneurs and experienced, business professionals who facilitate meetings, mentor and guide their not for profit leaders through our process. Becoming a Hub Leader will also mean you may learn a little (or a lot!) about the third sector, their common challenges and perhaps about yourself.

Peter Bohm
Sarah Goulbourne
richard barnett.jfif
Richard Barnett
Darryl Cooke
Joan Pettingill.jfif
Joan Pettingill
Sir Peter Fahy
David Joseph.jpg
David Joseph
Akash Sachdeva.jfif
Akash Sachdeva
Claire-Elaine Arthurs
Parminder Latimer

If you've decided that being a Hub Leader isn't for you, then we have a number of other ways for you to get involved.

- You could partner with us on annual basis. Providing your business's expertise to our charities. Ad hoc events, sharing resources, helping with fundraising events.


- While staff 'charity days' all have their place, what if your business could offer real value all year round?

Our members are often short on resources, sometimes hands on resources but more often professional advice from lawyers, accountants, PR people, IT specialists and many more.

As a company (or individual) you can donate as much or as little time as you like to our 'Time Bank'. This might mean working 1 on 1 with an organisation to give advice or speaking at an event or running a workshop for us. Whatever your strengths are and however much time you want to give we will ensure that it goes to good use! 

This way of getting involved carries no longer term commitment and as many of your team can get involved for as long as they want to.


What our hub leaders say

"For me, what do I get out of it? A huge amount. To see charities grow and develop and thrive. They have so much passion but often so little resource and we can really make a difference to these small ambitious charities."

Sarah Goulbourne


"As a leader, you do feel a responsibility as to how can you make a more fundamental long term difference in the local community.  inspire* gives me that feeling that I am helping some amazing people to make that difference."

Sir Peter Fahy

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