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Business for Good programme by the gunnercooke foundation

Our Business For Good Programme helps Not-For-Profits to create a synergistic social enterprise which is profit generating and which makes their organisation more sustainable and less reliant on external funding. This is achieved with the specialist support and guidance of gunnercooke Operating Partners and Business Coaches who deliver leading business programmes all year round.

Please click on the film below to find out more about what the Business For Good programme can offer you and your organisation.

Case Studies

At the end of June 2022, the pilot of our BFG (Business For Good) Programme was launched. Four inspire*  organisations set up “For Profit” businesses to fund their amazing charitable work with the idea of them being able to broaden their reach and the number of people that they are able to help and support.

One of the organisations taking part in BFG Programme was Astriid, who looks to find meaningful employment for people with long-term health issues and their carers. Astriid set up an Inclusive Training Recruitment business.

“The opportunity to join the inaugural BFG program came at a perfect time for our charity. Fundraising had become increasingly difficult in the years after the pandemic, and our charity needed to find a new business model that would lead to a self-sustaining future.

We could picture what that looked like, but the expertise needed

to transition was not contained within the charity - we needed to

learn, and quickly.

The team of experts that deliver the BFG helped us to plan and

execute the journey and has resulted in a significantly changed

shape and structure as we now focus on a new and exciting vision.”

 - Steve Shutts CEO, Astriid.

astriid member of the gunnercooke foundation
Digilocal member of the gunnercooke foundaiton

Another organisation to benefit from our BFG Programme was Digilocal. As a charity, Digilocal run free tech clubs for young people in their community. Thanks to the BFG Programme, they were able to set up the first software agency providing summer employment for young people from 14 years old and begin working on client projects for industry.

“I was motivated to join the BFG Programme because we needed an exit path for the young people we were helping as a charity. It gave myself and the trustees of the charity a really powerful set of tools to come up with the Business Plan for the new venture.

It also provided me with the support, mentoring, and most importantly peer network group to talk through the challenges of launching a For Profit Activity within a charitable context.”

- John Bradford CEO, Digilocal.

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